Recollections and Remembrances

Letter to Parents

‘ The 1916 Rising World War One and Muckross Park College.’

Dear Parents,


The History Department of Muckross Park have proposed a number of events to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising in our school. These include an exhibition of the history of the school ; a performance of music and reflections from the time; the official launch of a study by Transition students of ‘Women and the Rising- the Muckross connection’; and a formal Flag Ceremony on the State’s designated day of Commemoration on 14th March 2016 which will include special guests along with the entire community of pupils, teachers and Dominican sisters.


As part of these events, we would like to invite you to participate in the commemorations of this historic occasion. We would like to gather the personal stories of those directly involved in the events of the Rising as well as personal accounts of how peoples’ lives were impacted by the conflict and confusion at the time. If you have any connections with the men and women involved in the Rising or the First World War we would love to have their stories. These stories will be gathered into one publication that would serve as a permanent record of our school’s narrative of the events of the time.


Muckross Park College is fortunate to have a rich legacy from the past and has many historic connections with the people and events of the revolutionary Movement. The school was the home of Count Plunkett, father of Joseph Mary Plunkett who was a signatory of the Proclamation. Members of the Plunkett family have attended the school through the century and maintained contact with the school community. Tom Kettle, who fought and died in the First World War, had a sister who was a member of the Dominican Community and his daughter, Betty, was a pupil in Muckross Park. We have a record of her name on the school roll for 1916.
The school has maintained a continuity with the past and we are very proud of our rich heritage. With your help, we hope to add to that legacy and we look forward to your contribution, no matter how small.
If you have any further queries on this project please contact us through the office (or the contact page below)


Best Wishes
The History Department.